I'm a fresh BS grad hunting for a thriving challenge in a strong-culture & mission driven structure as a product &/or growth (associate?) manager

Here is my resume

Eager to become a generalist do-er, I'm exploring and testing the hacks and field knowledge of data, product, engineering and design.

Avid to start learning by doing, I self-taught Ruby to launch and grow Sneakeasy as a 5 months full-time project.

I experimented startup ideas and practices learned at TheFamily where I've worked - daily amazed and inspired - for more than 1 year.

2016 March - Current

Sneakeasy's Founder

Sneakeasy is the most complete sneaker buyer guide

Valided the idea, built, grew and monetized the MVP and 2 other products :

  • Engaging 300+ people in 3 weeks through a newsletter and a landing page (acquired from FB Events, Groups, and Instagram account)
  • 341 worldwide stores referenced (42 affiliated), 10k+ on sale items browsable from 18 affiliated stores
  • Attracting 5k+ unique visitors for free (return rate: 40%) through FB and IG
  • Iterating the UI design analysing consumer data insights from Google analytics and Mixpanel A/B tests to raise the conversion rate from 0,2% to 0,82%
  • Registered 2,4k+ unique affiliated clicks with an EPC/EPHC of 6,8€

2014 January - 2015 February

TheFamily's Deal Flow & Project Marketing Manager

TheFamily nurtures Entrepreneurs through Education, Unfair Advantages & Capital.

Tracked weekly created startups and curated the french ones (50+) for the partners

  • Automatizing the gathering and updating of worlwide startups (50k+) informations (url, founders, email etc.) in a spreadsheet merging APIs and data-webscraping scripts
  • Defining and programming word and data pattern recognition scripts (as regex) to identify the best investment opportunities.

B2B and B2C lead generation for 3 products – 2 events and 1 online education program

  • Generated lists of targets and customer emails through webscripts
  • Created, sent, optimized cold and newsletter emails to generate revenue (10k+€)


Sneaker reseller. resold limited edition sneakers (100+ transactions)

Seller & Manager for years in my parents's perfum store (1m+$ revenue per year, 10 employees)

Programming skills

Languages/ Frameworks
  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails 4/Middleman
  • Node.js/Express

Growth Management skills

  • Instagram targeted follow/refollowing bot
  • Twitter targeted follow/refollowing bot
  • Linkedin Bot
  • Fb groups
  • Prospection email-address DB, Cold emails


Foreign languages

Fluent in: French, Spanish, English - OK in Chinese - Notions in Brazilian


Canva, Powerpoint, Excel, Google Spreadsheet, Word, Slack, Keynote, Photoshop

2012 September - 2013 July

BS in Applied Mathematics & Social sciences

University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne Paris, France

  • Mathematical Analysis & Algebra
  • Mathematical Models in Finance
  • Measure/Integration and Probabilistics
  • Objected Oriented Programmation
  • Macroeconomics
  • Optismisation
  • Hibertian Analysis

2013 September- 2016 October

MS Management in Corporate Finance

Audencia Business School Nantes, France

  • Introduction to Data Mining
  • Valuation Techniques
  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Engineering
  • Financial analysis
  • Cash flow management
  • Core courses: accounting, project management, strategy, entreneurship simulation, marketing, human resources

2015 March - 2015 July

Exchange student

Universidad Catolica del Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay

  • Contemporary political theory
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Economics
  • Arts